Pre-Register for MapleStory M Pre-Registration (Yes, it’s a thing)

Other than being told that MapleStory M was releasing Globally sometime “this year”, we also got a pre-registration form for the pre-registration. You can tell your grandchildren you that you pre-pre-registered for MapleStory M before it was mainstream. To do so, click here:….. (click here)

OkUrsus – My Time at MapleFest 2018 Video

OkUrsus has been kind enough to allow us to feature his MapleFest 2018 video below. He was lucky enough to attend the event, so he has a neat perspective on the latest announcements surrounding MapleStory 2 and MapleStory M. Check out his video below! Enjoy!

How to Download and Play MapleStory M Right Now (For Global Players not in Korea)

Even though MapleStory M by Nexon has not officially launched in the United States, you can download and play the Soft Launched (early release/beta) version of MapleStory M right now. To do so, follow our guide below! To play MapleStory M Soft Launch version, you need the following: An iOS or Android device If iOS – […]

MapleStory Fest Underway! Stay tuned for potential MapleStory M release date breaking news!

MapleStory Fest is officially underway and we’ve already seen some sneak peeks at the MapleStory M booth. We’re keeping a very close eye on the news coming out of MapleStory Fest, so stay tuned to for the latest for any potential updates on the MapleStory M release […]

MapleStory Music to Study or Relax To While Waiting for MapleStory M

Even though we don’t have a MapleStory M release date yet, it’s hard not to count down the days until it happens. To help us all stay in the MapleStory mood while we study, relax, or do the dishes – here are some of the best MapleStory OST […]

MapleStory M Official Discord AMA Results

Yesterday, April 4th 2018, the CM’s held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) in the Official Discord. It lasted most of the afternoon, and had a pretty decent turnout. They answered 28 questions in total, and here are the questions from the official Discord community and the responses from […]

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Welcome to!

Welcome! I’m very happy you’re here. We hope to be the #1 active community and source on the web for guides, news, and more for MapleStory M’s Global community when the game launches soon. You can help us out while we get set up here (excuse the dust) […]